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At Ideal safety is a top priority and our goal is to deliver our products with zero personal injuries and zero damage to property and equipment. This is possible through education, good communication, and teamwork. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and as such each person has a responsibility to immediately say something if they observe anyone acting in a reckless manner around our vehicles or equipment. It is the position of Ideal that do to the inherent risk of severe injury if safety precautions are not observed delivery will be stopped until the situation is rectified.


Extra safety precautions are needed around dry cement and fresh concrete. All cement products are highly alkaline, that is, caustic. Any cement product mixed with water can cause skin irritation or burns if it contacts your skin. This includes freshly mixed concrete. Some people are only bothered by contacting cement, and others suffer serious burns.

Take these simple precautions to avoid needless injury:

  1. Keep all cement products off your skin. Protect yourself from direct exposure to fresh concrete by using proper protective equipment such as boots, gloves, clothing and knee boards. Clothing that is wet from concrete that stays in contact with your skin may injure you.
  2. Do not let cement products rub against your skin. Rubbing or abrasion greatly increases the chance of serious injury.
  3. Wash your skin promptly after contact with cement products. Use lots of water to help wash away cement particles and dilute alkaline cement solutions. Vinegar is a very mild acid which can help to neutralize the alkaline cement solutions. Wash with vinegar and then lots of water. WARNING! DO NOT USE ANY OTHER ACID ON YOUR SKIN! OTHER ACIDS ARE LIKELY TO BURN YOU AS MUCH OR MORE THAN THE CEMENT!
  4. Keep cement and cement products away from your eyes. Use safety glasses. If any cement or cement mixtures get into your eye, flush immediately and repeatedly with water and consult a doctor immediately. If no doctor is available, call the emergency room of the nearest hospital.
  5. Keep cement and concrete out of the reach of children. Make sure that children keep well away from dry cement power and all freshly mixed cement products such as concrete mortar.

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